You have your company, you have business idea.

What you need is a functional and aesthetic web site for your brand. Homepage, shop, google listing and basic SEO, optimized for both desktop and mobile. 
Always designed according to your wishes with the function demanded by your brand.

A website is the most important business card of today, if it doesn't exist or doesn't represent your business well, it is hard, not to say impossible to get your business off the ground. I can create custom websites by prioritizing your business goals, regardless if you're looking to launch a web shop with hundreds of products, or simply want a business description online. 

Your website is not only a digital storefront and the way you connect with clients and customers. It's a living, breathing, changing asset for your business. Building and maintaining that website should be more than just a one-time business transaction. When taking on a larger project (e.g. a brand new website) I always include 1 year of basic support to help you in the start of your e-commerce career!